PRIORITY (Pregnancy CoRonavIrus Outcomes RegIsTrY) is a nationwide study of pregnant and recently pregnant women who are either under investigation for Coronavirus infection (COVID-19) or have been confirmed to have COVID-19. 

Why is this study being done?

Pregnant women have alterations in their immune system that may increase the risk of severe illness from flu viruses. In past flu outbreaks, pregnant women have had increased risk for hospitalizations and need for intensive care, higher risk of miscarriage and stillbirth, and increased likelihood of having a baby with a cleft lip, heart defect, or spina bifida. However, there is almost no information available about how COVID-19 impacts pregnant women and their newborns.

The goal of the study is to better understand how pregnant/postpartum women are effected by COVID-19 including what their symptoms are, how long they last, and how COVID-19 may impact their pregnancy and/or delivery. We hope that the information gained from the study will help researchers understand the impact of COVID-19 on the health and well-being of pregnant women and their newborns.

What are the aims of PRIORITY?

•To evaluate the clinical presentation and disease outcomes for women infected with COVID-19 who are pregnant or have been pregnant within the last 6 weeks. 

•To evaluate all pregnancy and obstetric outcomes among women infected with COVID-19.

•To evaluate neonatal outcomes among infants born to women with COVID-19.

•To evaluate modes of transmission of coronavirus during and after pregnancy.


Who is eligible to enroll?

We are enrolling women that meet the following criteria:

 1. Are currently pregnant or has been pregnant in the last six weeks

 2. Suspected or under investigation for COVID-19 or have a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis

How do I enroll or refer a patient to enroll?

PRIORITY closed enrollment for new participants on October 1, 2020. If you are participating in the PRIORITY Biospecimen study, please contact Christine Lin at [email protected].

What happens if I participate in PRIORITY?

Participants in the PRIORITY Study will:

•Complete questionnaires about their health and pregnancy online, by phone, or by mail.

•Be asked to give permission to review their medical record related to the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19.

•Be contacted up to 7 times over a year to check-in on your health status.

•Receive a $20 gift card at enrollment and a $20 gift card after the last questionnaire


How long will it take to complete PRIORITY?

If enrolled while pregnant:

Participation in the study will last up to 1 year. There will be between 2 and 7 times that we contact you to complete questionnaires, depending on how far along you are during your pregnancy when you enroll (enrollment, once a week for 4 weeks, once each trimester, end of pregnancy). All together, the total time it may take to complete all of the questionnaires over the year is 2 hours.

If enrolled post partum:

Participation in the study will last about 3 months. There will be 6 times that we contact you to complete questionnaires (enrollment, then once a week for 4 weeks, and at 8 Weeks). All together, the total time it may take to complete all of the questionnaires over the year is 1 hour 45 minutes. 

Contact Us

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